Five men fucked me in running train

Hi, guys, I am Neha and today I will share my recent experience when I was raped in the train. I was going to Delhi from Amritsar.

I was just 18 years old and it was my first time when I was going alone by train to my grandparents home. My father’s friend booked my ticket online and message me one number where my seat was reserved. I reached the station a few minutes before but I was unable to locate my seat due to too much rush at Amritsar station.
Also, it was my first time on the train so I exactly was not able to recognize the coaches of the train. Suddenly, rain started and I entered in the last coach of the train. No one was there in that coach I was shocked why there is nobody in that coach. But I thought maybe someone will come when the train will stop at the next stations. Around half an hour train stopped at the next station. Five men jumped into my coach, I was a little bit nervous when they entered but I thought its normal, people will surely come at every station. There was an issue on the railway track and train was stopped Midway between two stations. I asked one person in my coach what happened. He said nothing there may be some track issue.

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He again asks me where are you going. I told him that I am going to Delhi. He came towards me and sit next to me. He was staring towards me and I was feeling very awkward and comfortable. I asked him to sit on another seat. But he refused and replied to me that he will sit next to me only. I was scared and tried to tell other people in the coach. But everybody said that if he wants to sit next to you then what is the problem with this thing. I was shocked when everyone replied this to me. Suddenly, everybody approaches towards me and started touching me here and there. I was shouting and saying leave me, help me. But nobody was there and they were abusing me and calling me an asshole and bloody shit baby. They were looking into my top and starring in my boobs. They were saying that what a girl she is, today we will have a lot of fun. I was very scared and tried to call the police. They took my phone and they threw it out of the train and said today no one can stop us. We all will fuck you now. They asked me to do you like fucking. I was unable to understand what they were saying. But I know one thing they are going to remove my clothes so I started shouting loudly.
One guy opens his t-shirt and pant and jumped directly on to me. He was trying to remove my clothes and when I denied he tore my clothes. Now I was totally nude in front of five men in one coach. Everyone was laughing at me and saying wao, wao what a beauty. My 36-inch boobs were jumping here and there and they were enjoying this moment. I was crying but they were not at all interested in my feelings. They were ready to fuck me together in group sex. Everybody then removes their clothes and I was just shouting and crying for help. They close the door of that particular coach. They said that baby today we will fuck you very hard till you bleed from every part of body otherwise be silent and enjoy the fucking time. Today you are going to become a lady. I was speechless and was not able to speak a single word in front of them.

Fucked by cousin

One of them put her dick in my mouth and the second guy just grabbed my boobs. Another guy opens my legs and put his big dick in my vagina. Two guys squeezed my boobs and I was the little bit excited when they were rubbing my vagina. But it was hurting me a lot. They kick me very hard and fucked me one by one in starting. Everyone leaked three times in my vagina and my vagina was totally filled with there semen. I was just 18 years old and I had never got fuck in my life. They fucked me very hard and after that everyone fucked me continuously for the next 2 hours. My vagina was bleeding very badly and it was paining too much. After that two guys put their dick inside my vagina and asshole together. I was just shouting ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh uffffffff stop this you bloody dogs, stop please but nobody was listening to me. They all were fucking me continuously and it was paining me like hell.
Before the next station, everybody weirds their clothes and jumped out from the running train. I was unable to move, still, I managed to put my clothes back on. I was unable to walk properly for the next few days and I didn’t tell anyone about this, not even my parents.

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