How I convinced my girlfriend for sex?

One day my girlfriend told me that her mother is going to her grandparents home in the village and she will be out of station for many days and she will be alone at home. Then I created all the plan and planned how to fuck my girlfriend in her home. So, on Sunday her mother went to the village and she called me by phone. I asked her to meet me somewhere. She said she can not come outside as there are many important things at home and she can not leave home alone. So, I asked her can I come to her home. Firstly, she said no! no, if someone will see then it will be a problem. Then I asked and requested her please baby, please. No one is at home and due to winter time, it was very fogging day and she agreed and said me ok!. I was very happy when I started packing my bag and I left for her home.

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She welcomed me and I hugged her. She was smiling too much and I was watching her home for the first time. In the bedroom, it was so well arranged and many teddies were kept on her shelf. She asked me for tea or snacks. I said baby do not show me any formalities. I am your best buddy and friend. I said sit here baby and we started talking. After some time she asked why you bought your bag with you. I said to her that baby if I will come daily in and out of your home people can see me easily and can complain about us. So, I said I should live here only till your mother come. She was convinced by me after a few minutes of hard work.

So, the time has come when both of us were alone at home and no one was there to disturb us. In the evening time rain came and after dinner, we started watching a movie. At night I asked where to sleep at night. She said you can sleep in my mom room. I said no I can not sleep in your mother room. It will feel bad. We should respect our mom. She was touched by my words and said ok Rohan you can sleep in my room on one side of the bed. I said, ok baby if you insist on me I will sleep here only.

In the night I came close to her and I hugged her from the back side, she asked me what is this. I said, baby nothing! I love you, I Love you. It’s ok, it’s ok. She said no its wrong I can’t do this. So, I felt she is just refusing so I planned to seduce her more. I kissed on her ears and slowly touching her back. She was now much closer to me. My dick was touching her ass. She was saying no, baby no. And little bit moaning in her voice was felt clearly. I was sure that she was seduced now and its best time to grab her tightly from boobs and I should not waste this time. So, I garbed her boobs and started squeezing them slowly. She was moaning loudly now. And her words were totally changed. In starting she was saying no no, now she was saying Come on Come on. She was pressing me all around. Suddenly her hand touched my dick and she was shocked. She said what is this. I told her it’s your gift. Have fun baby and enjoy your life now. She was shy and she closed her eyes. I said nothing is bad we love each other and we can do everything we want. She felt confident with my words and she suddenly showed her action. She just came above me and opened my pent and took my dick out and she started masturbating my penis. After a few minutes, I was feeling uncontrollable and she put my dick in her mouth and she started blowjob. Soon after minutes, I removed her nighty and she was totally nude in front of me. I removed my shorts and t-shirt. We were rubbing each other so hard that we do not remember how easily we started fucking. My 6 Inch dick was fully inside her big pussy and she was moaning loudly. She was virgin and too much blood came out from her pussy.

It was a very good experience with her. I was fully satisfied with her pussy and I fucked her 7 times at night and we were sleeping full day in morning and afternoon.

I fucked her daily in the night and I was very happy to scream her day and nights. Now she opens her clothes daily when I enter her room and now she does not shy from me at all. She is my girlfriend and she loves me a lot. Now I visit her home even her parents are at home and no one stops us from loving each other.

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