boss seduce for sex

I was loving my job and soon something happened which changed my life. One day I went to his cabin with some files and I saw him giving me a different look. He was listening to me but was not attentive. I thought he is not well maybe or just thinking about something. When I came back to him again later in the evening he was giving me a different look. This look was suspicious and today now he was constantly looking at my cleavage with hungry eyes. I saw him fixing his bulge from outside his pants. I could tell easily that he is horny so I just finished my work and came back. When I came back to my desk I could not get that moment out of sight and it was strange but I was also horny now.

Due to work, my boss had to stay late at the office that day and so do I. Almost everyone was gone and at the end, I went to him to report about the work, where he was again with that strange look on his face. I started talking to him and bent towards his chair first and he was again looking at my cleavage. Then I moved towards his laptop to open my email and now my butt was in front of his face. I was looking at the monitor but could easily tell that he was staring at my ass. Then he suddenly put his hands on my lower back and leaned towards me pretending that he is listening to me and nothing wrong has been done.

I became nervous and wanted to run but could not do anything at the moment. Now he started rubbing his hands over my waist and I was noticing it. I felt that he is forcing me into this but I did not reacted and which build up his confidence and provoked him even further. My voice became low and was trembling a little. He started rubbing my ass then and I could not move but realizes how desperate he is at the moment. A simple no would work at that time but somehow I realized that I was also into it. So I just let him do what he wanted.

Soon my ass started moving on its own and he realized I was enjoying it too. He then stood up and spanked my ass really hard. I was bent on his desk and was now totally under his control. He took my pants off and started rubbing my pussy from behind. I started moaning and making sounds. He then took out his huge cock from his pant and started rubbing it on my ass. He was teasing me by doing this and I was not liking it. I wanted his cock to be inside me immediately or maybe I could hold it on my hands, so I turned towards him and kissed him hard. While kissing he unhooked my bra and pressed my boobs as hard as he could. At that moment I was holding his big giant and moving it up and down was making him crazy.

We both exchanged saliva and wanted to dig deep into each other’s mouth. His breath was so refreshing and I was getting attracted to him more by the fragrance of his cologne. After staying in the position for quite few minutes. I could not control myself and bent down to take his dick in my mouth. I moved up and down. I licked his cock like an ice cream and was taking it in deep as much as I could. He was moaning too. He said – Keep doing it Mitali. You are amazing.

I sucked his dick insanely. It was all wet with my saliva and his pre cum juice. He kept his hands on my head and kept pushing it more inside me just because he could see me struggle. He kept saying you are really good at blowjob. Now he pushed me to his desk and spread my legs and inserted his big cock inside me. The feeling of being having his huge cock inside is just awesome. It was hard for me to let it enter but my pussy was asking for it from a long time. He kept fucking me while I was hugging him and screaming with pain and joy all together. I kept asking for more and more. He came after few minutes and spread it all over my body.

We kissed each other for some time then when I got my consciousness back and realized I was fully naked lying open in his cabin. So I stood up and wore all my clothes. Arjun said you were amazing during sex. I also told him that he was very wild and I really liked it. Then he asked me when we will be doing it next? I said in a naughty way whenever you want. He was so thrilled to know that and said that he is going to give me another hike in my salary this month. I really enjoyed having sex with my boss.

Hope you all liked my story.

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