Hi, guys, I am asham today I am going to tell you the real story when I fucked my friend Nilesh girlfriend on her birthday ashima.

Aashima is a very beautiful girl I don’t know how Nilesh was able to impress her and made her girlfriend. He is an asshole and I don’t like him. But I like her sexy ass girlfriend as she makes me excited by her bubble butt moving like a slut. Delhi Escorts I want her badly and so I planned to organize a birthday party with my friend Nilesh on Ashima birthday that day. She was dressed one-piece dress that night and a party was arranged in a disc and she was dancing like hell. I was just looking her boobs jumping here and there.

I fucked my friend’s girlfriend on her birthday

She was wearing the very sexy dress. Everyone was drunk except me. Nilesh was unknown to the fact that I was dancing with her girlfriend. He was drunk badly. In the middle of the party, someone of our friend Rakesh was dancing with the beer bottle in his hand and he threw a bear on everyone. Delhi Escort, Especially on birthday girl Ashima. She started crying and said that her parents will beat her if she won’t change her clothes now.

So, I took her in a night to buy some clothes she bought a one-piece dress but the shop was closing as it was almost 11 pm. They did not allow us to try the dress and wear the dress. So, I took her in my room to change her clothes. I was living alone and no one was there in my room. She was changing clothes in hurry and she forgets that I was standing in front of her and I was not Nilesh I am Nilesh friend. She removed her dress and was in panty bra when we saw each other.

She said please look another side I am changing clothes. I said its ok you are looking damn hot ashima. She smiled and said thanks. I asked her can I hug you once. She said no not at all. I begged her that I have never hugged a sexy girl like you. She after requesting a lot agreed and I ran towards her and hugged her tight. Her boobs were so soft and fluffy and she was so hot that I can’t explain what I was feeling hugging her in panty bra only. She was moaning and I moved my hands on her bra and started rubbing her boobs with my hands.

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Now she got excited and I moved my one hand on her panty and I saw her panty was already wet. She was also excited and her moaning sound was just present everywhere inside my home. I was feeling her body and she was hugging tight and started saying please fuck me fuck me now. But I keep on squeezing her to make her ready for real hardcore sex. After 5-7 minutes when I find her ready for sex I removed her panty and my underwear and put my penis in her hands.

She was shocked and was trying to say something but I smooched her deep inside her lips and stopped her being saying anything. I hold her hand and took her on a bed and started fucking her hard directly. She was shouting please fuck me hard please fuck me…..Don’t stop now. Please, harder, fuck me harder, ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhh uffff aieeeeeee please do not stop now. Take me deeply, harder please now. She enjoyed sex that night with me. After doing sex she saw my face and asked me do not tell Nilesh else he will leave her.

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But I replied if you will do this sex weekly with me now then only I will not tell Nilesh about this incidence. She agreed and now I am fucking her daily and whenever I got time in a night. We are good friends in front of others and the sexy couple when we are together. When we went to a party everyone asked is everything right where were you? I replied nothing she went to the market for new dress as Rakesh put a bear on her.

But nilesh took Ashima with her and asked what happened what is wrong with you. You are not looking same as you were looking a few hours before. And ashima started crying. She said the whole story in front of his boyfriend and Nilesh took me behind the disc with his friends and everyone slapped me 6-7 times each and I was hurt badly.

But after a few days I only remember the night time when I fucked Ashima 6-7 times and now she daily sees me in college and I used to say her Randi how and you. Thanks for reading my story.

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