Hi, I am Renu today I am going to tell you about my real-time experience when I was fucked by my cousin brother Rohit.

I am a 20-year-old girl and did my BTech from Kurukshetra University in 2017 batch. My figure is 36 32 and 36. Many boys approach me in BTech time but I was dedicated towards my studies and I ‘m still single. I was living at my chacha chachi house in Kurukshetra. Rohit was their son and he was also studying at Kurukshetra University in my class. We were good friends and always sit together in class. I used to do his homework as he was not good at studies and he used to enjoy most of his time with his friends both boys and girls.

I used to sit with him at home in shorts and a t-shirt. We used to share the same towel while bathing. In these years we shared almost all the things at home as we were brother sister, I never thought wrong about him.

One day Rohit’s father and mother went to Agra for spending some quality time at taj mahal. It was Sunday both of us were alone at home I was cooking in the kitchen and he was just taking a bath. After that, he took the breakfast and started watching movies on his laptop. After doing all the work at home I asked him what he is watching. He said I am watching movie i.e. American Pie. I requested him can you start the movie again because I want to watch as I am bored at home. He agreed and started the movie again. In the starting, I felt the movie was normal and based on college life. After half an hour there was some scene of the party at home. Some nude girls were walking and playing with the boys in the movie. I asked Rohit what is this movie all about he said its normal and totally based on the youngster’s college life. After some time there was a scene in the movie where thousands of people were running nude on the road. Movie name was naked mile American pie. Many girls were running nude and their boobs your jumping left, right, up and down. Rohit was really excited and he was rubbing her penis while watching the movie. I noticed that he is really excited and even I was excited little bit and I was also shy because of him, so I left the room in the middle of the picture. He didn’t say anything to me. In the night, we both sleep together on the same bed in each corner. He never tried to touch me or come close to me at the night time. But on that day when we were sleeping together at the night, he was going to the bathroom again and again.

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I know he has seen the porn movie so he is very excited and maybe masturbating in the bathroom. But still I asked him what is happening to you but he didn’t respond to me. At midnight he came close to me and hug me from the backside. I was awake still, I didn’t say him anything because I know he really needs someone to get stable. But he was in the very intense mood to fuck a girl. He was really excited and he was not at all awake. He was doing things in dreams and grabbing and fucking someone in dreams. I was not in a mood to disturb my brother. So, I keep quiet for a few minutes to let him enjoy a little bit till he touches my privates. He grabbed my boobs and started squeezing them with his hands.  In the starting I didn’t say anything to him but after a few minutes I don’t know what was going on I was really excited and I started moaning. He started kissing me badly here and there on my back and I know he was awake now. And he is just playing with my body parts now. But my excitement level had grown up and I was also enjoying the love he was doing with me. I try to resist but he holds my hand and pressing me more intensely and hardly.

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I was fucked by my cousin brother when my mom and dad was out of station. He fucked me 7 times in one night and my vagina was really hurting that day.

After a few minutes, he removed my shorts and underwear. I was totally nude in front of him and he was already nude. When he removed the blanket from him, I saw a big dick that was touching my ass. After that, he applied some cream type material on my vagina and rubbed it very well. After a few minutes of play with my pussy, he put his dick in my vagina and started fucking me very hard. I was shouting ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhh ufff leave me to stop. But he was in action and was fucking me harder and harder. But he was not listening to me as he was pumped up and really excited to fuck a girl. He fucked me 7 times that night and I was not able to walk the next 2 days. Now we both brother and sister sleep nude on single bed and he daily fucks me in my ass and vagina and now we enjoy our life with each other.

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