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Hello, friends, I am Neha, my cousin brother lives with me in my parents’ home. My figure is 36 32 and 36. I am a very pretty girl and but I do not know why everyone tries to look deep inside my privates. My brother used to do the same when I used to clean the house and while washing clothes. Delhi Escorts Today, I am going to tell you about my past experience with my brother when he used to see me while washing clothes and while doing homework. One day my real brother who was living in Canada called my parents for the holidays.

My brother grabbed me in a night while sleeping

So, my parents booked a flight and after getting a foreign visa they went to Canada. I and my brother used to spend time together as no one was at home. He used to bring Hollywood movies from friends and we both watch it in the afternoon. As the winter holidays

was going on, we both were free. At night we both used to sleep in the same bed but on different sides of the bed. But blanket was only one and we used to share the blanket. One day when we were watching movie American pie my brother was very excited and he was just rubbing his penis from above. I just noticed him but did not say anything to him. I was very shy to him and we never talked anything vulgar or abuse with each other.

In the night we both after watching American Pie and we started talking about the movie and he said in foreign naked miles happens and all people run nude in that race. I said is it so, how can family members get nude in front of each other. Ashamed people! After talking about this we slept on both edges of the bed. At midnight my brother came closer to me and hugged me from the back side.

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I thought he is sleeping so I did not say him anything and I was just thinking about the scenes of the movie. After a few minutes, he put his one hand on my breast and starting pressing it slowly. I was shocked to see this but I was enjoying the moment so I behaved like I am sleeping and did not say anything to him. Slowly he moved his body much closer to me and started rubbing my boobs tightly.

He was rubbing his dick with my ass but I was feeling his dick as it was so hard. He then put his hand inside my top from my stomach. He was now rubbing my stomach from inside. I was moaning a little bit. Maybe he was not unknown now that I was awake. He now removed his boxer and I was able to feel his penis much stronger then I was feeling before inside the boxers.

He was totally nude on the bed inside the blanket and now he was trying to remove my top. But I was trying to stop him and resisting for that. But he came close on my neck and started kissing me on my neck. I was totally unconscious and was excited enough and was moaning much louder now. I was unknown of the fact that at what time he removed my top. I was getting the stronger feeling when he was kissing my neck. He was rubbing my boobs with the only a pink bra on my body and just a lower.

NOW HE KISSED MY BACK AND OPENED MY HOOK OF BRA. And then he grabbed my boobs after removing the bra. I was just moaning ahhhh ahhhhha hhhh uffffff…….Please please……stop …….ahhhhhhhhh……..I was unable to control myself and I said to him what are you doing brother. He said nothing sister just making you a woman. And he smooched me deep inside my mouth. Now we both were facing each other and he took my hand and just left near his penis. I was unknown that what he put in my hand. But later I realized that it is his big penis which is now in my hands. He said please rub it, baby.

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Let me enjoy the moment like you were enjoying. I just moved his penis and he was moaning a little bit. Then suddenly he removed my lower within a second and I was unable to do anything except moaning. He changed my direction and hugged me from the back side much harder than ever before. He put his big dick and started rubbing near my vagina and after a few seconds his full dick was inside my vagina and I was just shouting louder fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder.

He fucked me full night and I enjoyed sex that day. It was the first time someone fucked me. He now used to fuck me daily in the night even mom dad is back. He is like my husband now and we both love to do sex and now he used to see my privates while I am washing clothes and doing work. Now the only thing that is changed is he now remove my clothes while no one is at home and make me move a naked full day at home.

My brother is sweet and he makes me enjoy each and every moment of life now. I am comfortable to give him a blowjob and he now fucks me in my vagina and ass. Now, mom is able to feel that something wrong is going on between both of us.

One day this thing will be disclosed in front of family that he is fucking me daily twice and then we will be in big trouble. Hopefully, you will comment that what we should do now when my parents will come to know about our relationship.

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