My friends fucked my girlfriend

My friends fucked my girlfriend

Hi guys, I am sunny today I am going to tell you one exciting story when my friends fucked my girlfriend in my presence.  It was the time when I was in 12th class studying in Chandigarh at 35 sector government model Chandigarh. I was lucky with my friends, as I was the only guy who was having a girlfriend. All were jealous that I am taking the fun with a girl and enjoying my life more than them. They always try to flirt with my girlfriend. But my girlfriend was loyal to me and she was a very simple girl from the heart and she used to care for me a lot as she loves me more than her life.

One day my friends arranged a party at my home when my parents were out of the station and they arranged the DJ system at my home. I was very happy, my friends asked me to call Sonia, my girlfriend at the party. I said ok, she will come I will call her surely. So, everyone in the party starts talking with my girlfriend as she was the only girl at the party. After some time, my friends started dancing and they asked my girlfriend to dance. My girlfriend started dancing and I cannot tell you how beautiful she was dancing. I was unknown about this fact that she is such a good dancer. But when she was dancing her boobs was uncontrollable and they were jumping here and there. She was wearing one piece and she was looking damn hot. Everyone was staring at her and no one was doing any other work. Angel was dancing and I was the little bit jealous when my friends were looking towards her boobs. But the situation was uncontrollable as everyone got excited after watching my angel dancing. Now they were planning something and I asked what all you are planning. They said we are planning to play truth and dare game. He said it seems very excited and let’s play. But I was unknown about their trick that why they are playing this game with us. They were really serious about my girlfriend. She was looking damn hot and sexy. She was dressed very beautifully. Even I was feeling something about her and I was looking to spend some time alone with her. I desperately want to fuck her today at any cost.

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So, we started playing truth and dare game and we all grouped around a roundtable. We were total 7 including me and my girlfriend. First of all, Mukesh turn was there. We asked him about masturbating at night in truth and dare question session. He agreed that he masturbate in night daily. My girlfriend felt awkward about this question. Next time the bottle stopped at my side, I know they will ask me about my girlfriend so I said I will accept the dare. They said you have to dance with your girlfriend right now. I know they want to see my girlfriend dance again not mine. But I have to do this so I danced and they again starred at my sweet baby.

Then, at last, I said to my friends lets go now, the game is over they all said together no, no game is not over yet. The real game is not over yet. I was very scared. At last, bottle stopped at my sweet baby, my dear girlfriend. They said Sonia now it’s your turn. She was very scared and she was confused too. They asked what you accept truth or dare. I told already my girlfriend that you don’t tell anything private to them. So, she accepted the dare. Everybody started a discussion and at last, they said to my girlfriend that you have to remove your top in front of us. She said no I cannot do this. But they started saying me why you are spoiling the game. It’s our luck she accepted the dare. My girlfriend started crying. But at last, she agreed because of me. She removed her top. She was in bra and panty in front of all of us. Every one starred and clicked some pics. After clicking her pics she was just confused as she did not realise that they clicked her pic. But I said to them delete her picture. And then my girlfriend requested in front of them, please delete my picture otherwise my parents will kill me.

My friends asked me if you want us to delete this picture you have to do fun with all of us today. My girlfriend was not having any other option. We both talked in private and at last, we accepted their offer. But I said that nobody will fuck her without the condom. So, everyone accepted. They bought condoms in advance. I realised that everything was pre-planned. They jumped onto my girlfriends and removed her bra and panty she was looking damn hot and sexy. Rohan opened my girlfriend’s mouth and smooched her, other guy started rubbing my girlfriend’s ass and pussy. My girlfriend was just moaning loudly ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh uffffffff fuck me and I was just watching everything and I was not able to think what should I do now. After a few minutes, my baby started shouting loudly fuck me! fuck me! and I was unable to control, I opened my pant and started fucking her in front of my friends. They all were making videos of my sex with my girlfriend and they blackmailed us again and again and fucked my girlfriend every weekend. Then after a year, my girlfriend got married to another guy so they stopped teasing her. But I realised that one should not take her girlfriend to the party where all others are boys. My girlfriend that day was fucked in front of me and I was unable to do anything. They all fucked her hard and my girlfriend becomes Randi that day.

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