Then she asked me do I have any girlfriend? I said no and then she kept teasing me by saying don’t lie or do you like someone in here and all that stuff. After a few minutes, I came back to my desk and then she winked at me in a message. Then after that, she kept teasing me for a few days and then there was an office party one day. She was looking so hot and I was sitting on a couch in the corner. It was all dark and some of my friends were dancing there. Though I am shy I kept looking at her from there as I felt that she cannot recognize me as the place was very dark. Then she went to the bar and bought two drinks for her. I thought she is going to drink them both but to my surprise, she was coming towards me. I started looking at the other side. She came and said I know you were staring at me. I fumbled and said no I was not. She said shut up I know this and sat next to me. Then she offered me the drink she bought with her and I said I don’t drink. She replied that you should not say no to a drink when it is offered by a hot girl. I said no but I don’t drink. Then she said it means you don’t think I am hot. I said no it’s not like that. Then she said then common then drink it with me. I drank it for the first time and it was not at all good in taste. Then she started asking me some questions which I never thought of hearing from her. She came closer and said if I kiss you now how will you feel? I was stunned by her question and just gave her a smile but she didn’t stop and came even closer and kissed me. Uff that was the first kiss of my life and I was in heaven. I just kept my eyes closed and she asked me do you like it? I said yes. She pulled my hand and asked me to follow here. In a few minutes, we were at her flat.

I can not describe how I was feeling. She was looking so hot and sexy. She again pulled me closer and said will you do as I say? I nodded my head in a yes.

Then she asked me to open my t-shirt. I did it! She then started licking and kissing my chest all over. It felt amazing as the girl who was doing it was in my fantasies for a long time. Now she again started kissing and sucking my lips. Then she asked me to open my pants and sit down. I did it too. She gave me a naughty smile when she saw a little tent in my underwear. Then she started rubbing it from outside and my cock became harder. She then removed my underwear and held it in her hands. She started masturbating it and I was enjoying it. Then suddenly she stopped. Then she kissed the tip of my dick. I shivered. I wanted her to take in her mouth immediately but she kept teasing me. Then after some foreplay, she did let me enter her mouth and it was an amazing feeling. I loved it. After that, we both fucked for the whole night and woke up late in the morning. It was an amazing sex experience with her and she taught me some sex lessons too which I will remember for the rest of my life.

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