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Hi guys I am Siddharth Sharma, today I am going to tell you about my recent experience when I fuck my mother. Actually she was my stepmother as I was alone and she has adopted me as she has no son. His husband died in an accident and she was a widow. Delhi Escorts But she is still young and only 32 years of age. She is hot and sexy as his figure is almost 36 28 36. When she walk at home I used to see her big ass as her bums were very hot and she is having bubble butts. I used to see her while doing homework and washing clothes.

Story when my stepmother got hurt and I got the chance to do romance with her

Her boobs were very big and she used to wear only kurta without a bra. I used to see her tits while she was cleaning the house and after that, I used to masturbate thinking about her in my dreams. One day she was taking a bath and he fell down in a washroom. She shouted loudly ohhhhhhhhh help me. I run towards the bathroom and knocked the door.

I asked her what happened mom she replied I fell down. I asked her should I help you mum she replied ok let me try to open the door lock. Open the door and my eyes was watching the most beautiful woman on the earth as she was totally nude and was lying on the floor. She were facing towards me and she replied please pass me the towel. I give her towel and she covered her body with the towel.

I pick her from the bathroom in my hands and dropped her on the bed in her bedroom. While dropping her on the bed her towel fell down. Now the scene was she was totally nude in front of me I was looking into her eyes and was over her body. It was uncontrollable to stop myself from hugging her. Intentionally I fell on her and I said to her that sorry! sorry by mistake I slipped.

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She said OK Sun no problem leave me alone. It was a beautiful moment when I hug her and this was first time I hug a nude lady who is having so much sexy boobs and hot body. Then i left the door open and got outside from her room. Next day when I wake up I She was lying on the bed and she was covered with a blanket on her. I ask mom anything you want, can I help you.

She said nothing Sun just drop me in front of the bathroom so that I can fresh up myself. I did the same she was wearing a nighty. In the night see again call me and said please read this painkiller cream on my back. She was just wearing a bra and a lower. I started rubbing balm on her back and she was feeling good when I was rubbing her back.

I asked her mum is it fine or should I rub softer. She said nothing its find son you are rubbing in very good way. Can you have little bit down near my knees as its paining very badly? I said mom you have to remove your lower so that I can run your knee. She removed her lover and I was shocked as she was wearing nothing below her lower. I saw her beautiful eyes very closely.

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Her ass was facing towards me and it was looking very softer. I started rubbing her knee and she was feeling very wonderful while I was having her knee. I move my hands little bit upper towards her thighs and started rubbing her thighs very softly. She started morning little bit and I was feeling very wonderful while rubbing her inner thighs.

I grab her as I started rubbing her ass and she was moaning much Louder Than ever before. After few minutes I move my hand towards her breast in started squeezing her tits with my both hands. She was totally hot and feeling wonderful when I was touching her privates. Now she was moaning loudly ahhhhhhhah ahhhhhhhh uffffffff fuck me fuck me harder please fuck me harder don’t stop don’t stop please don’t stop now.

I took her hand and put inside my boxer. She grab my penis and started rubbing my penis in right direction. I removed my boxer in got totally nude in front of her. I put my penis inside her vagina and fuck her right away. Now she was just shouting loudly and saying fuck me fuck me harder fuck me son don’t stop me don’t leave me today just fuck your mum make me a big mom and fuck me harder.

Don’t stop don’t stop please don’t stop fuck me fuck me hard fuck me fuck me. I fuck her 7 times that night and next day she was sleeping nude with me in the morning.

Now I used to fuck my mum daily twice a day in the morning and the night and she is like my wife and we are leaving a happy life now. If you like my story please subscribe my website and visit my other stories.

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